• In this difficult covid scenario, we haven't found, such disciplined, Dr,s ,Staff anywhere, except in Dr Indla Ramasubbareddy gari Hospital. Initially we are very much worried for treatment and the covid measures in Hospital. Everyone one is masked, neat, Sanitation in every corner. Nowadays focussing on each and every aspect became little difficult. This Hospital is maintaining everything. Thanks to Management

    Mr. Prasad Guntupalli
  • Initially when we came here, he can't recognize us. Dr Sharan treated with utmost care, and with patience. Regular visits of consultant, s helped us slot. Treatment wise, counseling wise we are very happy. Now back to normal. Made us tension free.

    Mr. Karthik Muvva RwecnjeAiv
  • When he came to Vimhans, he was not in our consciousness. Dr Sharan handled Very carefully, and advised us, the things in a proper way. It took some time to get good recovery. With tensionless, happy mode, we are leaving. Thanks to everyone

    Mr. Siva Potluri
  • Initially came with child behavior, admitted here,through one good friends reference, advised some days stay, even shown in other places like Bangalore, invain. Now we are very pleased with treatment, good result shown.

    Ms. J H Priya
  • Treatment wise it is very good. Nice caring. Good team of doctors. Satisfied. Could have been more happy if the treatment charges were bit low. It's little costly over here.

    Mr. Venkata Sunil Rangisetty
  • Dr.Indla Rama Subba Reddy oldest Psychiatric specialist in Vijayawada. Personal Experience regarding my mother when we were kids in 1998 ,she was not feeling well with her mental health and her condition is unable to understand we approached Dr. Subba Reddy sir and cured completely within 4 months. After 20 years she is in Depressed condition symptoms like Insomnia, unable to concentrate on works etc.., we again consulted the Doctor and she was under treatment for 4 to 5 months and recovered completely. Thank you very much Doctor.

    Mr. Ravi Teja
  • When a close friend suggested to go to Vimhans Hospital, I was in two minds to visit a Psychiatrist. But after meeting the staff and doctors, I felt relaxed. My life has changed totally after the treatment. I'm a totally different and positive person. My work and family life improved so much. Initially when doctor explained to take medicine, I was not sure how medicines will help me get better. But now I can happily say that the treatment made a big difference to my life.

    Mr. Manikanta Mamidi
  • Excellent hospital for psychiatry related,and also for addicted people, like mobile addiction. One of my friends brother got addicted to mobile. Been.. To Vimhans hospital. Very good counseling given. He is regularly attending. Nice change in his attitude. Good......

    Ms. Deepthi Sree